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lvli website 500There's a new game in town for real estate investors looking for a unique opportunity. Banking on the success of the time share and vacation rental industries, Las Vegas Luxury Investments has created a new product that allows investors to put their money into perfectly suited private properties. This is a great alternative for anyone who likes the idea of fractional ownership and visits Las Vegas one or more times a year, but does not need a full time residence. It's like having a time share condo except it's a real home with a private pool and private amenities.

Vacation timeshare investments are nothing new for most people. They've been around for years and the concept has evolved over time into a widely accepted form of investing. The idea with Las Vegas Luxury Investments is to take this great concept and apply it to luxury homes that have been converted and appointed well to be a shared residence.

Investors will have the ability to buy one or months use of the home as they wish. Homes will be maintained professionally and always ready for use by the owners. This is an entirly new concept to Las Vegas and one that goes a long way in addressing that transient nature of Las Vegas residents and semi-residents. Now owners can come and go as needed without having to worry about their properties or paying a full time mortgage for a part time home.