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Skip the lame spa massages and go in room.Have you priced spa services lately? It really is out of this world. A 90 minute massage, depending on where you go, is probably going to cost a few hundred bucks (unless you go with some back alley service and we really don't recommend that). Even with all the cash your dropping you don't know if the massage is any good. If you've ever sprung for the spa massage, you may have found the massage to be a bit weak and just kind of formulaic.

When you add on all the other expenses of going to a spa, not to mention actually making it out to a spa, it's just a drain of your wallet and your day. Why not save money, receive a better, personalized massage from a hotter professional? If that sounds like something that might satisfy your needs, we have exactly the kind of service for you.

The In Room Massage

If you decide to go to the spa for a massage, you're going to find you'll need to schedule your entire day around the one activity. You need to make it to the spa and drive back (or at least find transportation for the spa). You'll need to wait around, go through all the spa services and eventually receive your massage. All of this will take several hours. Due to this, if you schedule it in the beginning of the day, you'll need to wake up super early to make it. If it is in the middle of the day, everything else revolves around it. With an in room massage, you don't need to head out to any other location. It is all right there, inside of your hotel room. So you know how long it will last, when it starts and when it ends. This way, you'll always be able to schedule around it.

Hotter In Room Massage

Now, we're not trying to knock the spa professionals. Chances are there are some attractive individuals out there. However, we know there is no way to compete with our girls who give the Las Vegas in room massage. Our girls are top of the line and you likely won't even see a better looking woman during your entire trip to Vegas. This way, you'll have an incredibly attractive woman giving you a massage in your room. You just can't beat a beautiful woman rubbing up and down on you with her own body. That's something you won't receive at the local spas.

Personalized to You

The local spas might say they "personalize" the massage to you, but really they might ask where it hurts and then spend more time on that area, but outside of this, there isn't anything different about the massage. With our girls though, they will learn about you, discover what you like and deliver it. So, if there is one area causing you stress or one specific spot that really wakes you up and gets your motor running, well than it can be incorporated into your massage. You'll always remember just how incredible your in room massage is over regular spa services.

When it comes to enjoying yourself with a personalized, special massage, you need to think about where you really want to go. Do you want to go to a spa where the massage is the same thing they give everyone else, is overpriced and a service you need to drive to in order to receive? Or do you want a beautiful woman who may or may not be naked (depending on what you like), coming over to your hotel room, giving you the massage on your own bed? If that statement right there doesn't convince you nothing will. So, save yourself some money and go with the best, hottest massage possible and give us a phone call.