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It was initially built up in the early and mid-20th century as an adult entertainment center focused primarily at Los Angeles residents. Overtime it has attracted casino players from all over the world.

From Wild West frontier town to sprawling metropolis, Las Vegas spares no expense to develop casinos and hotels on a spectacular and often extreme scale with laser beams that are visible from space. All this comes at a cost and it is often difficult to find value for money when it comes to accommodation.

The famous Las Vegas strip is like a volcano eruption of world famous monuments such as replica medieval castles, a Sphinx, an Eiffel Tower and even a Statue of Liberty for the delight of visitors.

The profusion of neon-lit mega-hotels turns night into day. Darkened casino rooms are an escape from the hot desert sun, while the ringing slot machines call players to them from all over the world like mermaids luring sailors.

When to visit Las Vegas?
Las Vegas is located in the middle of the desert and has a dry and hot climate. The thermometer can reach 50°C in July and August, so maybe best avoided in the summer months. If you cannot stand the glaring sun try instead the heat of the casino tables. Trade shows, conventions and sporting events often cause hotel prices to skyrocket.

Find accommodation in Las Vegas without spending a fortune
If you wish to avoid spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per night to stay in the likes of the Bellagio Hotel there are a number of budget solutions for finding quality accommodation often for a fraction of the price. Try:
• : Find affordable vacation rentals near the Las Vegas strip

How to get around Las Vegas?
The most economical option for travelling the length of the Las Vegas strip is to hitch a ride on the free tram that operates between Excalibur and Mandalay Bay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Or else why not try the transiting joys of the Las Vegas monorail system ? At only $5 USD a ride, six tickets for $20 and a one-day pass for $9, this option is fast and efficient. You can travel the full strip in under 20 minutes in air-conditioned comfort. If you have ever tried driving down the strip you will understand the difference.

What to do in and around the Las Vegas strip?
Here are some suggestions for fun and inexpensive activities to do in Las Vegas when you are not at the casino tables:

Drive the strip
There are always plenty of things going on up and down the Las Vegas strip 24/7 so take a cruise along one of the most famous strips in the world. Take in the open air Mirage spectacle and Treasure Island.

Visit Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas

Take a trip down to Fremont Street with its dome cover and light show twice an hour. There are casinos there too with the reputation for paying out more often, so try your luck here and you might get lucky!

Google: Recommendations for visiting the Las Vegas strip without breaking the bank as well as tips for places to visit and how to get around quickly, cheaply and in comfort.