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With all of the websites available for travelers to Las Vegas, its hard to imagine the need for yet another one. Even so, we are constantly surprised by the diversity of ideas and approaches to the way people show information on the web. It seems there is always something new coming along. Such is the case with a new Las Vegas travel guide known as Vegas Travel 101. If you consider for a moment how often this city changes, it quickly becomes apparent why it's a good idea to connect with the people who live and work here. Obviously someone who is here all the time would know best where to go and what to do. Dedicated to providing a different and more local approach to what's presented, Vegas Travel 101 in an excellent website for learning about Las Vegas from people who live here.


Vegas Travel 101 is not a new website but rather a new direction for an old timer. The site has been operating for many years, providing visitors with information and direction to Las Vegas alternative lodging. For much of its history the site has been devoted to the local vacation rental market as well as for Las Vegas corporate housing.


One of the things they have discovered during that past few years is that the vast majority of visitors to Las Vegas have no idea of anything beyond the Strip. If you talk to many locals they will tell you, friends back home asked my kid "Do you live in a hotel???". It's as if Las Vegas is simply an invisible city beyond the towering glittering monoliths on the Strip.


But the truth is quite different than that, and that's where this new Las Vegas visitors guide comes in. By concentrating on information by locals and from locals, Vegas Travel 101 hopes to educate the traveling public about the rest of Las Vegas.The part of Las Vegas that many of us feel makes the city uniquely what it is. A place of character unlike another in the world. More than just a Disneyland for adults. Las Vegas is a place where legends and born, work their whole lives and retire in a desert ranch home with Arabian horses in the backyard.


Vegas Travel 101 is the kind of quirky unique website where you never know what you are going to find. A fresh approach to information instead of the same old syndicated marketing with million dollar budgets. This is the place where you'll hear about the local pubs and eateries as well as some secret naughty haunts of a legendary variety. There are here in this is the place you can find out how to get there too.


Since the site has recently been redone, much of the information is sparse and still being filled in. However we can see that over time the site will be a real asset to any Las Vegas traveller who wants to get something more from this place. This can be one Las Vegas travel guide to remember and bookmark in your browser. Catering mostly to the away-from-the-strip crowd, this is a great website to find out about Las Vegas concierge services, vacation home rentals, local news, local reviews and recommendations, and some adventures you might want to try once you tear yourself away from the neon.


This new website is part of a web of websites dedicated to Las Vegas from a locals perspective. This is a good trend for the town, as it gives local businesses a shot of some of the travel business they might otherwise miss. It also introduces travelers to a side of Las Vegas they have little if any idea about, and informs the visiting public of the larger Las Vegas story. It's a good thing the people know more about us than what they see on television. It's like knowing Los Angeles by looking at Disneyland.


We're looking forward to great things from Vegas Travel 101. We'll be watching to see how well they fulfill the new mission they have chosen. We are hopeful they will succeed well beyond expectations and open up a whole new travel market for visitors. One with a flavor known only to locals thus far, but soon to be enjoyed by everyone else as well. We wish them the best of luck with their beautiful new website.


You can find Vegas Travel 101 by clicking the Las Vegas travel guide link at the top of this story. We suggest you drop by and take a look at the new website. We know they would appreciate the feedback and will be excited to see the traffic too!