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world series of poker and vacation rentals in Las Vegas

Vegas Vacation Rentals

For savvy participants, vacation home rentals are the preferred lodging choice. This is especially true for participants who plan to be in the game for the duration. Stays of 6 weeks or more are typical, and many players will come together as groups to help offset the cost even further. Truly, this is a great way to go.


Finding Quality Vacation Rental Homes

One of the best ways to find a good vacation rental for the WSOP tournament, obviously, is to start with the typical internet sources. Try Google Bing and Yahoo!, and use terms that are associated with both the tournament and rentals. Here are a few search terms we suggest in order to find vacation rental homes that work well for the World Series of Poker...

  • "wsop housing"
  • "wsop lodging"
  • "wsop rentals"
  • "wsop vacation homes"
  • "wsop vacation rentals"
  • "wsop accommodations"


Don't Get Ripped Off!

Nobody wants to start off a loser, so be careful who you rent from. We hear many reports of last minute cancellations due to "flood damage" and other suspicious activities. More often than not,  the owner or property manager has simply booted the booking out in order to take a better one that came along later. Not only is this unscrupulous, it is in fact fraud.


One website which proclaimns to specialize in serving poker players tells visitors "What You See Is What You Get" and then in the fine print says "You can't hold us liable if our pictures and text descriptions aren't accurate". To avoid falling victim to this common practice, we suggest you rent from reputable companies who have been around for a while.


Be especially wary of prices that appear too good to be true. Where have you heard that before? WSOP is the busiest period all year for vacation rentals in Las Vegas. Nobody real is giving deals for WSOP, because all the homes will sell out. Anyone perporting to offer "deals" is probably not on the level. Unless of course they are your friend and they own the home.


To find a reputable company, visit the Better Business Bureau website and search for vacation rental companies in Las Vegas. You can also search sites like to find out about any vendors to avoid. Here is a link to an excellent Las Vegas vacation rental blog  with much more information on avoiding vacation rental ripoffs in Las Vegas.


Some of the reputable vacation rental companies in Las Vegas include Las Vegas Retreats, who has an excellent selection of homes for WSOP lodging, as well as WSOP Housing as they have an excellent inventory of homes, and some specially reserved for the World Series of Poker.


Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck in finding a great vacation rental home, and the best of luck in the competition!


From your friends at HOTiLINK! 


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